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Ayu for Sri Lanka

Keeping it local

Who we are - giving back - keeping it local

We believe that our ethos of keeping it local is what makes us unique.

All our experiences are designed to provide a source of income to the local community. We believe that our success must be mirrored by grass-root communities, the drivers who own and operate the safari vehicles, the chauffeurs who work tirelessly behind the scenes to coordinate your tour with us, the little corner store that is spartan but enough to give us the supplies we need on our treks, naturalists and community based guides who have worked out the cultural nuances outside the parks and the jungle dynamics within, into a fine art, the boat owners and the local farmers who provide some of the produce that make your meal times memorable.

One Ayu in the Wild holiday can make a difference in someone’s life!

Barefoot sophistication

Who we are - Giving back - Barefoot sophistication

This is our attempt to support entrepreneurial Sri Lankans who have ventured to stay true to tradition. Whenever we can, we try to design our tours to include at least one lodge that is eco-friendly. Beautifully furnished and elegantly appointed, some are just simple wattle and daub mud huts in some unique locations in Sri Lanka. Accommodation which is owned and managed by Sri Lankans who have been influenced by global travel trends and comforts but are proud to promote vernacular architecture.

These are places that only leave a really gentle footprint on nature. Built with minimum intrusion into the natural environment, they are full of character, giving you a real ‘feel’ of our island, but with all the comforts you need to forget the clutter of the world outside.

Places with a certain barefoot sophistication. Unique luxury with an earthy guise! Equally importantly, it’s the only way you will truly experience Sri Lankan hospitality at its best.

A Classroom in the Wild

Who we are - Giving back - classroom in the wild

Right now, we are keeping things really simple under this initiative. Like spending time at rural primary schools to assist with teaching resources for basic English education, basic sports equipment and encouraging our guests to engage with local kids. But there’s so much more we want to do. Our ultimately goal is to educate rural children to become future conservationists. It’s about how children can become advocates to help natural habitats, survive, and influence more regulated and responsible tourism which will be the catalyst to sustainable livelihoods within their rural communities. The Junior Ranger Holidays are part of our efforts to raise funds for our goal. Right now, we’re far from even creating the first steps to the Classroom in the Wild. But we will get there slowly.

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