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Local experiences Sri Lanka
Colombo City Walk

You’d Love this Curated Colombo City Walk!

How about a Colombo City Walk that takes you up close to the everyday lives of everyday Sri Lankans with just the right mix of foodie indulgence, history, local markets and even kite flying?

Colombo City Walk Sri Lanka

Local markets Colombo City Walk

Ayu in the Wild offers one of the best local experiences in Sri Lanka – a personally curated take on a Colombo City Walk with an acclaimed Sri Lankan Poetess or Artist who gives you a uniquely local glimpse with a global perspective, of how life in Sri Lanka has been influenced by the Portuguese, Dutch and British invaders.

SriLankan Street market

Sri Lankan food is a healthy choice with  vegetables of all the right colour palettes

A guide born and bred in Sri Lanka but well-traveled and with a cosmopolitan outlook can truly make a difference.

Street Walks Colombo SriLanka

Street Walks Colombo SriLanka

City Walks that are fun for kids!

Kites on Galle Face Green Colombo-Kids just love it!

Galle Face Colombo

Traveling with kids? What could be more boring for teenagers and pre-teen kids than a guided City Walk? Ayu in the Wild makes the sights, sounds and smells of Colombo’s vibrant streets come alive with stories of Alligators and Sailors! A fun engaging quiz tour, where families will go to about 6 locations with a guide, will be asked short quiz questions about that place or street and you just might win a prize!

A wonderful end to this guided tour of Colombo is the thrill of flying kites on Galle Face Green and some Al fresco dining with a special menu with kid’s mock-tails at the Dutch Hospital Precincts.

Things to see in Colombo

Dutch hospital Precinct

A unique Colombo
As you walk through streets that are home to Hindu Temples, Buddhist shrines, Muslim Mosques and Churches, you will walk through alleyways of Old Colombo, talk to cobblers, watchmakers and everyday Sri Lankans to experience how life, traditions and architecture in Sri Lanka have evolved.

Streets of Colombo

The multitude of races and religions that call Colombo home lend to the street landscapes

Enjoy the city’s local markets, bakeries and street vendors. It certainly would be a shame not to taste how locals like their tea. Or be daring enough to try some achcharu. You certainly won’t walk these streets on your own!

Authentic SriLanka

Bread Oven from the past

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Local Interaction SriLanka
family holidays in Sri Lanka

05 Things to do on your family holiday in Sri Lanka

Wide eyed! That’s what your kid would be on a family holiday in Sri Lanka.

Considered one of the world’s best family travel destinations, Sri Lanka ticks all the right boxes for those kids who are curious and parents who seriously need a vacation. Beach time, adventure, child friendly resorts and hotels with glorious pools, throw in a little bit of traditional magic, junior ranger games and friendly monsters!

Here are some kid-friendly activities to make your Sri Lanka tour more exciting. Check out what Rough Guides has to say about our kid-friendly activities!

1. Sunset and Kites

Things to do with kids in Colombo Galle Face,

Flying kites on Galle Face Green

After treating yourself at some of Colombo’s street food stalls or upmarket cafés, a little bit of retail therapy and maybe some downtime at a spa, the best way to treat your kids is at Galle Face Green. Visit one of the many kite vendors selling ornately decorated kites and let them enjoy the wind, the sea spray, the local kids and a spectacular sunset. Ayu in the Wild offers a great Colombo City Walk that ends with a fantastic time on the Galle Face Green and some al-fresco dining with a special menu at the Dutch Hospital Precincts

2. Monster Crocodiles and Bull Elephants
Sri Lanka wildlife safari
Take your kids on a  Sri Lanka wildlife adventure where incredibly interactive Guides keep kids enthralled. Kids will learn about everything wild – from poop to plants to wild animal calls and tracking spoor (wild animal foot prints). About nocturnal creatures who can see better than you. The different types of Crocodiles and how elephant mums protect their babies. Ask Ayu in the Wild about our unique family wildlife tours on offer in Yala, Wilpattu, Minneriya, Yala Block5 and Kumana National Parks.

Elephant safari in Sri Lanka

Kids on Safari

3. Kids under canvas – Tented Camping in Sri Lanka


Camping with Kids

Camping in the heart of the bush at a wilderness tented campsite set up just for you! Who doesn’t love the idea of a few nights listening to the jungle sounds at midnight , sleeping under the stars and waking up to an elephant trumpeting a good morning?   Ahh camping! Kids love it. When you leave, the camp leaves and the jungle takes over! The most eco-friendly tented campsite in Sri Lanka. Create your own ‘Jungle-Book’ of stories about Barking Deer, Sambur, the soaring Hawk Eagles, the most gigantic Crocodiles, Leopard, Sloth Bear, reading maps with the help of the sun and star and more.  ‘A true Classroom in the Wild’.

Teenagers on Holiday


4. Cook like the locals

Kids on holiday

Making Crunchy Hoppers

Cooking with the locals for any young chefs on holiday in Sri Lanka! Learn how to make crunchy hoppers and pol sambol, a local favourite from scratch. Brownie points for guessing how to take the flesh out of a coconut and other SriLankan cooking secrets.

Cooking with kids

Pol Sambol

5. Meeting locals and rural kids

Meeting Local kids

Football with the local kids

Speak the same language! A game of Cricket or Football is a great ice breaker as your children interact with kids in rural Sri Lanka. Trust us, they will enjoy every second of it. Walk through local schools, glean insights into local education methods, how kids go to school after waking up at dawn to help their farming parents and more. Let Ayu in the Wild curate the best local experiences in Sri Lanka for your experiential family holiday.

Learning to Dance

Learning the Art of Traditional Dance in Sri Lanka

Join us on an epic child friendly Sri Lanka adventure where we help connect the “Inner you to Outdoor Sri Lanka”. Email: or whatsapp us on +94 777 248 1100

We provide insider access to the best local experiences in Sri Lanka led by some of the most interesting local people you will ever meet! Each experience has been curated personally by the owners of Ayu in the Wild who also work with locals to help them become knowledgeable hosts.

Sri Lanka Cultural Celebrations
Cultural Festivals of SriLanka

04 Sri Lankan Cultural Celebrations You Must Not Miss

A fusion of people, ardent faiths, light and colour, touched with a strong belief in something mystical make four of Sri Lanka’s biggest cultural events a highlight of any tour. Travel deeper through an island steeped in 2000 years of tradition!

Festivals in Sri Lanka


This New Year festival is the grandest celebration on the island with almost each person in the country celebrating, irrespective of ethnic and religious differences. Marking the journey of the sun from Pisces to Aries and the end of the harvest season, Sri Lankans make it a point to fill the day with religious observances, traditional activities (done at auspicious or nekath times) and rural village communities come alive to with traditional games. The celebration also calls for some delicious and culturally significant food item such as milk rice, kevum and kokis. Keeping to our ethos of “Inner You. Outdoor Sri Lanka” Ayu In the Wild gives our guests one of the best local community interactions to celebrate Avurudu with rural locals in their homes.

Sri Lankan festivals

Traditional Food in Sri Lanka served during the New Year celebration

When: Usually celebrated from the 13th – 15th April annually.


Vesak is a festival brimming with fervent faith, lights and color. It commemorates the threefold Buddhist celebration of the birth, enlightenment and passing away of the Lord Buddha. With soothing Buddhist chanting reverberating from every corner of the island it’s a sight to behold Buddhists clad in white offering flowers at temples, streets beautifully illuminated with intricately decorated lanterns and the massive “wesak thoran” (pandols) that are structures erected to depict traditional stories of the Buddha and his followers. A highlight are the many “dansal” (little pop up stalls) along the main roads where Sri Lankans gain merit by offering free food to passersby!

When: Usually falls during the 2nd week of May annually.

Temples and Wesak Sri Lanka


The rhythm of drums! The sinewy art of dance! The strains of music! A burst of magnificent culture! With caparisoned elephants swaying to the rhythm of the drummers and encircled by hundreds of dancers paving the way for the elegant lead Tusker carrying the sacred Tooth of the Buddha, starting and ending at the divine Temple of Tooth Relic in Kandy a World Heritage Site. What a spectacle the annual Dalada or Kandy Perahera is for first time spectators. A wonderful experience on a trip to Sri Lanka during the Summer months of July or August.  Reserve vantage viewing points and accommodation with Ayu in the Wild.

When: Held in July or August for 10 days in Kandy


Annual Esala Dalada Perahera, Kandy

Caparisoned Elephants at the Kandy Perahera carrying the sacred tooth relic

Annual Kandy Perahera

Kandy Temple of the tooth


The two processions are about a month apart from each other and are usually held in Colombo during the night. Both events are cultural pageants of Colombo and commemorate significant religious and cultural milestones in Sri Lanka’s history. The collaboration of art, devotion, color and spirit is absolutely resplendent. A sight to behold, if you are travelling with kids.

Duruthu/ Navam Perahera

Fire Limbo Dancers

Time: Duruthu – January / Navam – February


Sri Lanka is home to a potpourri of races. A vibrant mix of culture, traditions and customs play a significant role among all Sri Lankans and give life to some vibrant festivals filled with local talent. Talk to Ayu in the Wild about tours that include the best seats to the biggest cultural celebrations in Sri Lanka, you will never forget.


Join us on an adventure to discover these cultural celebrations in Sri Lanka where we help connect the “Inner you to Outdoor Sri Lanka”. Email: or whatsapp us on +94 777 248 1100