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Colombo City Walk

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Colombo City Walk

You’d Love this Curated Colombo City Walk!

How about a Colombo City Walk that takes you up close to the everyday lives of everyday Sri Lankans with just the right mix of foodie indulgence, history, local markets and even kite flying?

Colombo City Walk Sri Lanka

Local markets Colombo City Walk

Ayu in the Wild offers one of the best local experiences in Sri Lanka – a personally curated take on a Colombo City Walk with an acclaimed Sri Lankan Poetess or Artist who gives you a uniquely local glimpse with a global perspective, of how life in Sri Lanka has been influenced by the Portuguese, Dutch and British invaders.

SriLankan Street market

Sri Lankan food is a healthy choice with  vegetables of all the right colour palettes

A guide born and bred in Sri Lanka but well-traveled and with a cosmopolitan outlook can truly make a difference.

Street Walks Colombo SriLanka

Street Walks Colombo SriLanka

City Walks that are fun for kids!

Kites on Galle Face Green Colombo-Kids just love it!

Galle Face Colombo

Traveling with kids? What could be more boring for teenagers and pre-teen kids than a guided City Walk? Ayu in the Wild makes the sights, sounds and smells of Colombo’s vibrant streets come alive with stories of Alligators and Sailors! A fun engaging quiz tour, where families will go to about 6 locations with a guide, will be asked short quiz questions about that place or street and you just might win a prize!

A wonderful end to this guided tour of Colombo is the thrill of flying kites on Galle Face Green and some Al fresco dining with a special menu with kid’s mock-tails at the Dutch Hospital Precincts.

Things to see in Colombo

Dutch hospital Precinct

A unique Colombo
As you walk through streets that are home to Hindu Temples, Buddhist shrines, Muslim Mosques and Churches, you will walk through alleyways of Old Colombo, talk to cobblers, watchmakers and everyday Sri Lankans to experience how life, traditions and architecture in Sri Lanka have evolved.

Streets of Colombo

The multitude of races and religions that call Colombo home lend to the street landscapes

Enjoy the city’s local markets, bakeries and street vendors. It certainly would be a shame not to taste how locals like their tea. Or be daring enough to try some achcharu. You certainly won’t walk these streets on your own!

Authentic SriLanka

Bread Oven from the past

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