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family holidays in Sri Lanka

05 Things to do on your family holiday in Sri Lanka

Wide eyed! That’s what your kid would be on a family holiday in Sri Lanka.

Considered one of the world’s best family travel destinations, Sri Lanka ticks all the right boxes for those kids who are curious and parents who seriously need a vacation. Beach time, adventure, child friendly resorts and hotels with glorious pools, throw in a little bit of traditional magic, junior ranger games and friendly monsters!

Here are some kid-friendly activities to make your Sri Lanka tour more exciting. Check out what Rough Guides has to say about our kid-friendly activities!

1. Sunset and Kites

Things to do with kids in Colombo Galle Face,

Flying kites on Galle Face Green

After treating yourself at some of Colombo’s street food stalls or upmarket cafés, a little bit of retail therapy and maybe some downtime at a spa, the best way to treat your kids is at Galle Face Green. Visit one of the many kite vendors selling ornately decorated kites and let them enjoy the wind, the sea spray, the local kids and a spectacular sunset. Ayu in the Wild offers a great Colombo City Walk that ends with a fantastic time on the Galle Face Green and some al-fresco dining with a special menu at the Dutch Hospital Precincts

2. Monster Crocodiles and Bull Elephants
Sri Lanka wildlife safari
Take your kids on a  Sri Lanka wildlife adventure where incredibly interactive Guides keep kids enthralled. Kids will learn about everything wild – from poop to plants to wild animal calls and tracking spoor (wild animal foot prints). About nocturnal creatures who can see better than you. The different types of Crocodiles and how elephant mums protect their babies. Ask Ayu in the Wild about our unique family wildlife tours on offer in Yala, Wilpattu, Minneriya, Yala Block5 and Kumana National Parks.

Elephant safari in Sri Lanka

Kids on Safari

3. Kids under canvas – Tented Camping in Sri Lanka


Camping with Kids

Camping in the heart of the bush at a wilderness tented campsite set up just for you! Who doesn’t love the idea of a few nights listening to the jungle sounds at midnight , sleeping under the stars and waking up to an elephant trumpeting a good morning?   Ahh camping! Kids love it. When you leave, the camp leaves and the jungle takes over! The most eco-friendly tented campsite in Sri Lanka. Create your own ‘Jungle-Book’ of stories about Barking Deer, Sambur, the soaring Hawk Eagles, the most gigantic Crocodiles, Leopard, Sloth Bear, reading maps with the help of the sun and star and more.  ‘A true Classroom in the Wild’.

Teenagers on Holiday


4. Cook like the locals

Kids on holiday

Making Crunchy Hoppers

Cooking with the locals for any young chefs on holiday in Sri Lanka! Learn how to make crunchy hoppers and pol sambol, a local favourite from scratch. Brownie points for guessing how to take the flesh out of a coconut and other SriLankan cooking secrets.

Cooking with kids

Pol Sambol

5. Meeting locals and rural kids

Meeting Local kids

Football with the local kids

Speak the same language! A game of Cricket or Football is a great ice breaker as your children interact with kids in rural Sri Lanka. Trust us, they will enjoy every second of it. Walk through local schools, glean insights into local education methods, how kids go to school after waking up at dawn to help their farming parents and more. Let Ayu in the Wild curate the best local experiences in Sri Lanka for your experiential family holiday.

Learning to Dance

Learning the Art of Traditional Dance in Sri Lanka

Join us on an epic child friendly Sri Lanka adventure where we help connect the “Inner you to Outdoor Sri Lanka”. Email: or whatsapp us on +94 777 248 1100

We provide insider access to the best local experiences in Sri Lanka led by some of the most interesting local people you will ever meet! Each experience has been curated personally by the owners of Ayu in the Wild who also work with locals to help them become knowledgeable hosts.

srilanka beach vacations
family holidays in Sri Lanka

Sunny Side Up: Discover a Different Sri Lanka

Leave your winter jackets at home!! The heart wants what the heart wants, especially during winter. The snowy chills are times perfect for thinking about warm tropical holidays with the best of sun tans. Sri Lanka combines idyllic island vibes, tropical weather, delicious food, a culture of myriad colour and family fun, all in one, which makes the perfect getaway for your next holiday.

Family vacations in Sri Lanka with friendly locals

Meeting locals on a family holiday in Sri Lanka is fun

Check out what Rough Guides has to say about our tailor made family holidays!


At Ayu in the Wild, we believe in creating family holidays in Sri Lanka with a tailor-made itinerary that will let you experience Sri Lanka through the eyes of many locals. Our tour guides know their localities inside out! There’s truly no better way to see a country than to travel with locals as they guide you through the many nuances of each tiny village, each quaint nook and cranny of unexplored Sri Lanka.

From the start of your vacation in Sri Lanka, our guides will either host you fully throughout your holiday or give you enough space to set out on adventures of your own, stepping in when you decide that you need their assistance. Sri Lanka with kids FAQs

Beautiful Sri Lankan scenery on trekking tours and hiking adventures

The best scenery is seen on our trekking and hiking adventures in Sri Lanka

Planning to travel with toddlers, infants and teenagers? Our itineraries focus entirely on your curiosities and comfort. We accommodate families with kids of all ages, inspire the most unusual multi generational family holiday ideas and work flexbibly with you to create the ideal holiday itinerary that entertains and pampers. You decide the ideal mix of adventure and downtime and we will give you the insider access to Sri Lanka’s most unusual places and people!


Starting with the exploration of quaint streets on a Colombo City Walk to experience its cultural heritage delightfully mingling with a cosmopolitan vibe, our tours take you on journeys across the island. From cycling along sleepy village roads, to  trekking and hiking adventures that lead you to the peaks of some of the most scenic mountain ranges of the country like the cloud forests of Horton Plains National Park, to lazing along the sunny beaches of Mirissa. Mix it with a trip to the wild side of untamed Ceylon with our family wildlife safaris and Junior Ranger activities in Udawalawe, Yala and Wilpattu. You’ll never hear “Mom, are we there yet?” on an Ayu in the Wild tour.

Family strolls on tropical beaches

Laze on the sunny beaches


Special offers are up for grabs through Ayu in the Wild at a range of exclusive accommodation options that span from minimalist chic to the affordable luxury range of the Jetwing Beach Hotels in Negombo.  Or laze on the sunny beaches of Passikudah at Uga Bay or Maalu Maalu Resort and Spa. Go wild, in a truly authentic safari lodge in Back of Beyond Yala.  Tantalize your taste buds with delicious delicacies prepared by veteran chefs at signature dining venues and soak up rural kitchen spices with an authentic home-cooked meal prepared by a farmer’s wife in their thatched roof humble home.

multi generational family holiday ideas- Sri Lanka with kids

Immersing in our culture – Village Cricket or football match with local kids


Allow your kids to frolic around with local children and experience the warm hospitality of Sri Lanka that will make you feel at home. Take on informative tours in Sigirya and Polonnaruwa with our own twist where we draw resemblances to the Lion King and the Monkey Kingdom in the form of adrenaline pumping treasure hunts or cycle rides through ruins.

Discover Sri Lanka - Castle Rock from film location of Monkey Kingdom Polonnaruwa

Exploring Castle Rock from the film location of Monkey Kingdom

End your day with a delicious dinner served alongside your favourite brands of beer and wine while your little ones splash around in the pool to their heart’s content.

Join us on an epic adventure where we help you connect the “Inner you to Outdoor Sri Lanka”. Email:

Unusual sights in Sri Lanka with kids

Insider access to Sri Lanka’s most unusual places and people