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Dolphins and Diving Sri Lanka

Whales and Dolphins
Blue Whales, Dolphins and Diving Sri Lanka

103 Rivers Make an Ocean – A Photo Blog

There lies a land in the Indian Ocean where 103 rivers nourish its warm tropical seas. Take a look at this photo blog of Sri Lanka, an island so bestowed by nature, that in a day you can spot Leopards, Elephants and Blue Whales.

Whale Watching Srilanka

Whales of Sri Lanka

The rich nutrients that flow from the hills through farmlands and estuaries meandering through rivers into Sri Lanka’s surrounding narrow continental shelf, make it one of the best places to observe whales and dolphins incredibly close to shore.

Dolphin watching

Dolphins of Sri Lanka

Trincomalee and Mirissa are fantastic for Blue Whales at different times of the year, while Kalpitiya is one of the best for super pods of Dolphins.

Responsible Dolphin watching

Dolphins at Kalpitiya

Dolphins of Srilanka

Dolphin Watching SriLanka

Sri Lanka is also famed for being one of the best wreck diving destinations in the world.

Shipwreck diving in Sri Lanka

Shipwreck Diving

Shipwreck diving srilanka

Lives in a Shipwreck

Incredible World War II Ship wrecks that dot the seas off Colombo, Trincomalee, Vakarai and Batticaloa make stunning homes for marine life.

Marine Life Sri Lanka

Observe the different Eco systems

Holiday Activities in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s Marine Life

The seas are this beautiful island’s testimony to mysterious eco systems left to explore by our maritime heritage. Let’s preserve this experience for future generations and respect marine wildlife by booking responsible blue whale tours in Sri Lanka.

Responsible Tour operators

How to choose a responsible Blue Whale watching tour in Sri Lanka

  • Above all, responsible whale watching tours in Sri Lanka are those where the animals are not spooked – either by getting too close to them nor by the noise of engines.
  • Choose Yachts and small boats steered by experienced and professional crew.
  • Check if the onboard experience is pleasant and secure for guests (vessels must be equipped with life jackets, life rings, first aid kits, fire extinguishers, GPS, toilets and provide breakfast, tea and coffee, water, sea sickness tablets).
  • Passenger numbers on each tour must be below the maximum carrying capacity on board. 
Mammals of Sri Lanka

Responsible Dolphin Watching

Let’s celebrate the enchanting oceans of Sri Lanka by booking a responsible Whale and Dolphin watching safari.

If spending 5-7 hours on a commercial whale watching boat with 40 people on board is not your thing, Ayu in the Wild offers Whale Watching on board a private catamaran yacht from Mirissa, with guiding by the acclaimed author on marine mammals). A truly unforgettable experience.