Colours of Galle Fort, Sri Lanka - A Photo Blog



A Fort with colours, art and delicacies with the perfect concoction of a colonial and local touch. The Galle Fort is a must-see place on the island - even for a few hours, where a vibrant mix of Sinhalese, Muslims, Portuguese and Dutch settlers mingle harmoniously within the embrace of its colourful brick walls.

Through the colonial coat of arms enters the colourful tuk tuks. Bringing a bizarre clash of culture and colour.


The old-world charm infused with modern day delicacies inside quirky restaurants. 


A colourful fusion of beadwork necklaces that can jazz up white cotton or linen - a staple dress code on our tropical island. 


Striking bags made out of recycled materials - bold statement pieces that show you care. 


These remnants of a century unfolding a million stories are now displayed as attention seekers that invite you to meander through open doors to stores and cafes. 


One off décor culturally exclusive to the Galle Fort in style and colour. 


Ceylon-stone jewellery - that distinct colour and sparkle from generations old stores that dot the Galle Fort. 


Street cafes that double up as galleries bringing colour and character. 


Sri Lanka’s mask heritage. So old, so dramatic, so vibrant. 


Varied hues of shawls and scarves. A radiant shield from the tropical climate. 


Countless tones which change with the passing hours and season. The Galle Fort offers a rich and varied palette not in just material but in its hues at sunrise and sunsets, the ocean that surrounds the Fort walls and in the tones and shade of its people. So worth a visit! 

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