Sigiriya, Sri Lanka - 7 tips to get you to the top and back!


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Here are Ayu in the Wild’s 7 tips for climbing the ever famous Sigiriya Lion Rock, part of the cultural triangle in Sri Lanka!




It's 1236 steps to the top! Comfortable clothing and shoes or sandals with a good grip are a must! Even though you no longer need to be fleet footed to avoid boulders laid as enemy traps many centuries ago by the 5th century King.

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Carry plenty of water with you! Ayu in the Wild always keeps a stack of bottled (iced) water in the vehicle as the water fountains set up 1500 years ago, do work, but are not for drinking off them!

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Read about it's history or better still trek in the company of our best guides in Sigiriya, so you get those little insider details of history, culture, the king's guards and how the king found his way in the dark using glowing white quartz.

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If you’re on a family holiday keep your kids interested with an Ayu in the Wild guide who will make them think of scenes off the Jungle Book as you weave through the maze of steps!




Best time to climb Sigiriya? Early morning treks are best (think 7 am starts!). It helps to avoid the harsh sun, the crowds and great for photography. It's the best time to avoid any wasps too.

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Leave about 2 to 2 1/2 hrs to climb to the top and back. With plenty of stops to catch your breath. Don't miss the 5th century "Facebook" - the “mirror wall” and the unmissable views right at the top.

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Apply sun block but watch your hats! The sun and wind play a ferocious game up there.

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Join us at Ayu in the Wild Holidays with a tailor-made itinerary for a truly exceptional climb up the 1500 year old rock!