The sheer brilliance of the ancient Kingdom of Polonnaruwa


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If you find the architecture of the Pantheon in Italy intriguing, cycle through Polonnaruwa with Ayu in the Wild, for some incredible insights into the medieval Kings' brilliance that turned an ancient capital into a magnificent World Heritage Site.



Cycle to the kings seven storey palace with its intriguing drainage system and private pool. Learn from our guides how the King planned it to be built several degrees cooler.

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Tour the King's religious sites that are today, architectural marvels where ornamentation was the order of the day, and what manual labour achieved surpassed any brilliance of modern machinery. Here lies the grandeur of Sri Lanka's Royal Kingdoms in a city of monasteries, domes reaching to the skies, the most elaborate moonstones on the island,  sculptures and carvings of Gods and Dwarfs.

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Explore the impressive ruins, in-scripted stone tablets that weighed tons and were brought from hundreds of kilometers away. Then there's the meticulously carved statues of Gal Viharaya. Gigantic figures hewn from granite, testimony to the reign of the legendary King Parakrama Bahu.

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Get familiar with the 10th century teaching hospital. This ancient medical school within the "Alahana Pirivena" monastery conducted abdominal and chest cavity open surgeries with sterilized equipment.

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While in awe with primitive surgery an Ayu in the Wild guide will tell you all about how the equipment was sterilized. The astonishing, ancient ayurvedic doctors also specialized in treating nerve issues. Patients were dipped into special baths filled with herbal oil. 

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Take a peek into an old shepherds cave that is now home to dozens of monkeys - the film locations for Disney's Monkey kingdom. If you ever wondered if Polonnaruwa would be interesting for kids on holiday in Sri Lanka, there's your answer. The entire cycle tour of Polonaruwa is like a guided tour of scenes off the movie! From an ancient human kingdom to a modern day monkey kingdom Ayu in the Wild Holidays makes sure Polonnaruwa is covered.

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