10 Secrets of wonderful Sri Lankan food locals love!


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We Sri Lankans love our food and there's many secrets to our cooking. Every traveler to this tiny Indian ocean island nation is beguiled by Sri Lankan cuisine and every blogger loves to blog about it! Just check out the Sri Lanka Street Food Guide of Kathryn Burrington on her blog Travel with Kat.





All Sri Lankans love their 'pol sambol'! The secret to adding a 'zing' of flavour to the pol sambol is to sprinkle some lime juice over it. Ask us to show you how you can prepare this delicious condiment which completes many Sri Lankan dishes.




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If you ask any Sri Lankan "Do you like Hoppers?" It's very unlikely for them to say no except for the odd one or two of course! The secret to making a delicious hopper with a soft middle and a crunchy border is to have the hopper pan well greased and heated and add an egg to make it the perfect 'Egg Hopper'




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Sri Lankans love to make a 'pickle' out any fruit or vegetable they can get their hands on. Popularly known as 'Achcharu' is a street food which is a mix of sweet, spicy and sour. Season it will chili powder as much as you like if you can bear up the heat!



WATALAPPAN - Can we do mung kavum instead?

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Watalappan - that must-have dessert dish at weddings or parties is a delicious mix of coconut and egg custard oozing with yummy treacle. The balance to this extremely sweet mouthwatering dish comes from the dash of a spice mix of Cardamoms and Nutmeg.



JACKFRUIT CURRY - Can we make this traditional rice and curry?

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Have you tried Jackfruit yet? A seasonal fruit loved by the locals and it can be cooked in many ways. My favourite is the 'Kiri Kos Curry' cooked in coconut milk with local spices. If you want to make a delicious stew, you just have to cook it with some chunks of tender beef.

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MILK RICE - Can this be Kola kanda?

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Not a single auspicious event is celebrated in Sri Lanka without the staple 'Kiribath'. The creamy Milk Rice can be enjoyed with a hot 'lunu miris' sambol and any curry of your choice or with a banana and some jaggery, if you have a sweet tooth. A healthy alternative? Cook with red raw rice instead of White and you'll have a very nutritious meal on your hands!




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fond childhood memory of many children in Sri Lanka would be taking a breezy walk in the Galle Face Green while munching delicious 'isso Wadey'- Lentil cakes topped with crispy prawns, eaten with a zesty sauce and crunchy salad. Yummmmm!





Do you know the king of all street food in Sri Lanka? If you hear a big din on a street corner like a set of large knives chopping up something, then its sure to be a 'Kottu'! The greatest combination of this all-time favourite dish is the Cheese Kottu. Add some milk into it while making the Cheese Kottu and it would just increase the cheesiness.



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LAVARIA - Can we have string hoppers instead?


What's a 'Lavariya'? A popular traditional tea time snack of caramalised coconut wrapped in a stringhopper. It's a delicious treat to have with a hot cup of tea at breakfast as well.

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With Sri Lanka's endless coastline, it's hardly surprising that we locals love our seafood, the succulent crabs cooked in a thick curry sauce being a favourite. Don't forget to add a generous handful of murunga leaves (drumstick  leaves) to the curry when cooking. Learning how to make a home-cooked crab curry can be one of the most mind blowing culinary experiences in Sri Lanka. Just ask us to book.


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