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Highlights of Sri Lanka

Colours of Galle Fort, Sri Lanka – A photo blog

A Fort with colours, art and delicacies with the perfect concoction of a colonial and local touch. The Galle Fort is a must-see place on the island – even for a few hours, where a vibrant mix of Sinhalese, Muslims, Portuguese and Dutch settlers mingle harmoniously within the embrace of its colourful brick walls.


Through the colonial coat of arms enters the colourful tuk tuks. Bringing a bizarre clash of culture and colour.

The old gate to the Galle Fort


The old-world charm infused with modern day delicacies inside quirky restaurants.

Quirky restaurants


A colourful fusion of beadwork necklaces that can jazz up white cotton or linen – a staple dress code on our tropical island.

Bead-work that jazz up white cottons


Striking bags made out of recycled materials – bold statement pieces that show you care .

Bags made out of recycled materials


These remnants of a century unfolding a million stories are now displayed as attention seekers that invite you to meander through open doors to stores and cafes.

Remnants of a century


One off décor culturally exclusive to the Galle fort in style and colour.

Out of the box decor


Ceylon-stone jewellery – that distinct colour and sparkle from generations old stores that dot the Galle Fort.

Ceylon stone jewellery


Street cafes that double up as galleries bringing colour and character.

Street cafes that double up as galleries


Sri Lanka’s mask heritage. So old, so dramatic, so vibrant.

The mask heritage of Sri Lanka


Varied hues of shawls and scarves. A radiant shield from the tropical climate.

The varied hues of the tropical climate – Scarves and shawls


Countless tones which change with the passing hours and season. The Galle fort offers a rich and varied palette not in just material but in its hues at sunrise and sunsets, the ocean that surrounds the Fort walls and in the tones and shade of its people. So worth a visit!

Talk to Ayu in the Wild Holidays Sri Lanka, for a guided tour of the Galle Fort

Responsible tourism

Those Elephants, your Carbon Footprint and our Ozone Layer!

Does the Ozone layer ever come to mind when planning your next summer or winter holiday? It should! Because, little things matter a lot to the environment.

Wilderness walks can be as fun as a traditional safari!

And it’s not just you and I that suffer with climate change. Every creature on earth does, but you and I have a choice. Here are 6 responsible travel tips that Ayu in the Wild adapted into our tours, which you as a traveller can use to protect the only layer that keeps our world healthy. Enquire about our Low Carbon Footprint Tours

  • Green Accommodation:

    Book Eco lodges and hotels with organic farms or ones that “buy local” because the further the food travels the more nitrous oxide is produced by the engines that bring them to you!

A remote and beautiful Eco lodge surrounded by trees

Sri Lankan meal cooked by using fresh, home grown produce.

  • Eco miles :

    From using hybrid vehicles for our tours, to carefully planning out a tour that doesn’t call for a detour = minimize unnecessary mileage = low carbon travel plan! That’s what a responsible tour operator should do.

Home grown and picked – no use of carbon emitting machinery

  • Recycle! Recycle! Recycle!

    How many plastic water bottles do you think we purchase for each tour? Ayu in the Wild chose to recycle all water bottles at recycling centres at Kandy, Colombo and within the cultural triangle. Ask our Chauffeurs to take you to the recycling stops in the World Heritage Sites of Kandy and Dambulla to drop off used water bottles.

Villager using plastic bottles to grow fresh produce.

  • Walking safaris and Nature Treks:

    Minimize jeep safaris for its obvious environmental dangers, we curate hikes, nature treks, bush walks etc. to see animals. Our guests love them!

Nature walks are fabulous with Ayu in the Wild’s interesting guides.

  • Traditional insect repellent :

    Avoid all aerosols and choose traditional, eco friendly remedies to repel insects and mosquitoes. Citronella oil is an excellent mosquito repellent, while salt water, soapy water and Leech Socks are great when trekking in rainforests.

  • Mobile campsites :

    Stay in mobile tented campsites that are set up just a day prior to your arrival deep inside the jungle. Showers and camping toilets are set up in separate tents. Large cooler boxes are used to store food which are cooked just before each meal. When you leave, the camp is dismantled. One of the eco-friendliest methods of camping rather than permanently set up campsites.

Mobile campsites with the right amount of luxury that does not intrude on the environment.

Are you a ‘with-nature’ kind of traveler? 

Book with Ayu in the Wild Holidays if you are looking for a Low Carbon Footprint Tour and choosing a responsible tour operator matters to you. We think of everything!

unusual places to stay srilanka
Best Accommodation in Sri Lanka

Our Pick Of The Most Amazing Sri Lanka Accommodation

Where do you want to put your feet up on a holiday in Sri Lanka?

In our travels across the island we have come across some truly special places to stay in Sri Lanka. (YES, we have actually visited ALL of them)! And we’re glad we have as our guests tell us they LOVE how we guide them to the right kind of accommodation. TRUST US, you won’t regret any holiday in Sri Lanka with this mix of accommodation!


Eco friendly Lodges, Tree Houses, Mud Huts in Sri Lanka

ecolodge srilanka

Our favourite Tree Huts in Sri Lanka! No place like it to get away from the digital world!

Be lazy. Or take a long bushwalk. Your tea is made. The staff can’t spoil you enough. Food is served just the way you like it. Your own private space to unwind. There’s a certain barefoot sophistication in this signature collection. Unique luxury with an earthy guise! Ask us about these Tree Huts

Eco lodges srilanka

Some of the most delicious Sri Lanka  cuisine dished out at an Eco lodge in Sri Lanka

Great food. Great staff. It’s totally Sri Lanka off the beaten track! If you need air conditioning, a pool, or freak out about a few bugs then this is not for you. But we love the warm, almost open-to-the-skies architecture, the unique locations and have experienced them all, first-hand.

srilanka yala accommodation

The last time we stayed at this Wildlife lodge in srilanka, elephants visited us!

Secluded lodges and huts. Set so close to nature reserves that wildlife visits you.Beautifully furnished and elegantly appointed. Shower spaces and toilets that are modern and creative. Some are just simple wattle and daub mud huts in some unique locations in Sri Lanka. Owned and managed by people who, love to keep the ‘wild’ side of the wilderness. Muted solar powered lighting or lanterns that blend with the darkness of the jungles. Mosquito nets and fans. Cosy open-plan dining spaces that let the outdoors in. Ask us about these wildlife lodges.

Unusual accommodation in sri lanka

Unique places to stay in sri lanka

Unpretentious and vernacular architecture. Some, with open sleeping decks that keep the spirit of adventure alive, even at night. Such an authentic touch of local finesse.

sri lanka accommodation guide

Escapism is this accommodation in sri lanka

Great alternatives to hotels and boutique resorts, live like a local experience or for a wildlife honeymoon in Sri Lanka. You’ll forget the clutter of the world outside!

Affordable luxury (4* to 5*)

Accommodation Guide sri lanka

Lodges and Bungalows that are luxurious yet affordable

Ask us about a wonderful range of Hotels and Bungalows that are 5 star in ambiance and service but are truly affordable.

Luxurious and intimate Boutique Villas , Small Luxury Hotels, Spa Resorts

luxury accommodation srilanka

Luxury beyond your imagination in Sri Lanka

It’s all about total pampering at the end of the day at these 5* to 5* plus living spaces.

Luxury Accommodation srilanka

Unique dining options and even more unique sleeping options, eclectic menus, personal butler service and every imaginable luxury you could conjure up. All set against the surreal landscapes of one of the world’s Biodiversity Hotspots with the charm of Sri Lankan architecture and discreet, personalized service. .

Sri Lanka Tented Safari Camps, Mobile Tented camping, Luxury Tented camping

tented camping srilanka

There;s nothing like camping deep INSIDE a National Park in Sri Lanka

The ultimate wildlife experience (not for the fainthearted) is where the campsite is located inside the best camping locations within National Parks with no boundaries between you and the wildlife. These Semi-Luxury Mobile Tented Campsites are set up just for you, with spacious ‘stand-up’ tents equipped with comfortable raised beds, mattresses, linen and separate tents for chemical flush toilets and showers.

Tented camping sri lanka

Listening to Bears roar in the distance – camping in Sri Lanka

When you leave, the campsite leaves. The wilderness remains untouched.Or you could choose Luxury Tented Campsites that are permanent campsites bordering a remote location and close to buffer zones. Ask us about tented camping inside Sri Lanka’s National Parks.

Luxury tented camping sri lanka

One of the most secluded campsites in Yala Sri Lanka

These are remote wilderness experiences with just the right modern comforts – equipped with pipe-borne water, attached toilets, luxury beddings and all the right trimmings! Ask us about luxury tented camping in Sri Lanka.

Luxury tented camping Srilanka

Al fresco dining is a wonderful experience on a camping holiday in Sri Lanka

At all campsites, fresh meals are prepared on site by a chef and dining under the stars (or sometimes by a river) is the perfect signoff to a wildlife safari holiday in Sri Lanka.

Comfort and Value Accommodation
B&B Sri Lanka
When you want to spend more on your experiences than on luxury, then this is our lead-in selection for comfort and Value. Not really in the extreme scale of budget or backpacker accommodation but more towards affordable and great value 3-4 * Hotels, Bed and Breakfasts, Cottages and Home-stays – some with no-frills but hand-picked for their great local hospitality and cleanliness.

How to book the best mix of accommodation in Sri Lanka

Yes you can go to to try and get the best deals but if you have a rough idea of where you want to stay – think luxury, affordable luxury, good value accommodation or just plain over the top Small Luxury Hotels (SLH) of the World, just drop us an email. We have the connections to get to know their seasonal special offers too.

On a tailor made Ayu in the Wild experiential holiday you leave feeling part of the culture and not just a visitor.

Sigiriya Lion Rock Sri Lanka
Highlights of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka among the world’s 2.3%. A biodiversity hotspot!

Why did we choose to call our Blog ‘ the 40 Miles’?

A papal legate once said six centuries ago, that “From Ceylon to Paradise, according to Native Legend is forty miles, there may be heard the sound of fountains of Paradise.”
From the Handbook for the Ceylon Traveler – A Studio Times Publication

And so, the inspiration for our our new Blog, ‘The Forty Miles’. As a whole this tiny Indian Ocean Island 23,332 square miles to be precise, but let’s not digress!

What could he have meant? Is it the mountains that reach the clouds? The jungles that shroud the rivers? The sacred cities maybe? The reefs with its mysteries miles deep? When we first began to travel across Sri Lanka, decades before we even thought of something called Ayu in the Wild Holidays, we found that the outdoors on our beautiful island wove a kind of spell on us. It’s an island after all. In fact, the legendary Cricketer Sir Ian Botham has called it an Island Country with an enormous soul.

All islands have that something special. Something that draws you. But Sri Lanka is also one of the world’s biodiversity hot spots. A small band of select countries that make up just 2.3% of the earth’s surface. It has 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites including a Rain forest, a 432 Km long coastline with all year sunshine, is one of the best destinations outside Africa for Wildlife and it has a deep rooted multicultural heritage that goes back 2500 years. How lucky are we to call it home? It’s not surprising that Sri Lanka is billed by Telegraph Travel among the 20 destinations for 2015.

Some of our travel stories from the wilderness in Sri Lanka are already on our Blogger page (…did you also know our island is great for wildlife?)

‘Forty Miles’ will be an album about little stories from all over our island. Stories about people and places that we have come to know as only an insider can. And how you can discover Sri Lanka through our bespoke experiential holidays to create your own story with Ayu in the Wild Holidays Sri Lanka.