10 Photos that will inspire you to visit Sri Lanka


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There's definitely more than beaches and temples to Sri Lanka. Ayu in the Wild has curated 10 photos that we think will inspire you to visit Sri Lanka soon!




It's no secret that Sri Lanka is one of the top places to see wildlife outside of Africa! An amazing diversity of species, phenomenally high numbers of endemic species for an island this small and, get this, the two largest mammals on earth, the Elephant and the Blue Whale. So we never get tired of saying "In a tiny island called Sri Lanka, just over three times the size of Kruger National Park, some amazing wildlife awaits you".

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Its an island of colour. From spices to sarees to Handwoven fabrics, the vivid colours of Sri Lanka is one thing you will never forget.

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A train ride like never before through the misty hills of Sri Lanka will take you back to the times of old-fashioned train travel. Carriages that chug along, colonial styled railway stations, travelers milling around with gram sellers as if time must stand still. One of the world's most scenic train rides from Ella to Kandy Sri Lanka connects our guests with a hotspot for Leopards and the revered Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic. Ask us about this tour.

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It's in their smiles. You will always find a Sri Lankan in any part of the island who will look you in the eye and give their warmest smile like you are a long lost friend, even though you just met.

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Batiks have really come of age. See Fashion in a new light with the timeless Sri Lankan Batiks! Ask us Ayu in the Wild where you can be a proud owner of an authentic one of a kind batik clothing made just for you and even visit the artisans behind the fabrics.

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Have you got what it takes to stay in a tree hut in Sri Lanka, a totally unique way to spend a few days on your holiday! Feel (and hear) the wind whistling around you as you sleep alfresco. Well not quite alfresco but it does feel like it when you see the stars, moon, the night crickets, and all those trees from your bed. Its the next best thing to tented camping on safari. Think glamping. Oh so exciting!




Kids know no boundaries! Meeting Sri Lankan kids has really touched the guests of Ayu in the Wild. No matter where our guests have interacted with kids, be it in their local schools, village, the family farm, their humble homes or a cricket ground, the Classrooms in the Wild initiative has been the highlight of their holiday in Sri Lanka.

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There's a drummer in all of us. Who wouldn't get swayed by the vibrant rhythms of the traditional Kandyan drummer especially when you are on holiday with Ayu in the Wild and one of the most sought after drumming and dance teachers in the island is ready to teach you the art on a one-to-one session!

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The silence of the rainforest. A tiny tract of land, Sinharaja the Biodiversity Hotspot, Sri Lanka's most valuable piece of the island is home to some of the greatest diversity and endemic species on the planet. If you ever plan to visit Sri Lanka during your Christmas Holidays, count a birding trek in Sinharaja as a must-do!




Show us one traveler to Sri Lanka who has not LOVED (and I mean mouthwatering, oh I can't wait to eat another kind of loved) the famous Sri Lankan Hoppers for breakfast)?! Travel with Ayu in the Wild and you just may be lucky enough to have a cook-like-the-locals culinary experience to learn the art of making hoppers. Tailor-made holidays in Sri Lanka are what we do best!

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