Adventure Travel Blogger Laurel Robbins writes of her Wildlife Adventures in Yala Sri Lanka


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Being open to 'any' wildlife adventure comes easy to this award winning Adventure Travel Blogger. Read how Laurel Robbins simply loved her safari "Most Captivating Wildlife Adventures in Yala, Sri Lanka!"

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I knew my chances of seeing a sloth bear weren’t very high, and the odds worked against me.  That’s why I appreciate AYU in the Wild’s philosophy so much – appreciate what you do see, and be open for whatever wildlife adventures may come! Everyone goes to Yala to see leopards. I get it.  Leopards were at the top of my bucket list too. But if you just focus on leopards you will miss all that Yala has to offer and will leave disappointed if you don’t spot a leopard.
— Laurel Robbins, award winning founder of Monkeys and Mountains who's billed as one of the Top 20 Adventure Travel Bloggers of 2015.

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