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Guest Book

Thank you so much for organising such a fabulous holiday for us. We simply loved Shri Lanka and found the people, climate, environment and food absolutely wonderful. Overall it was great; we thoroughly enjoyed the Gal Oya Lodge. As you so rightly said, floating in the pool looking up at the hills was sublime and the highlights there were having breakfast watching the birds, walking down to the lake, spotting fish eagles and kingfisher, and then the river safari where we managed to see all sorts of wildlife. We were certainly very happy with your last minute changes, it made all the difference to the end of our holiday.

Nick and Annabel Baucher, U.K.

The personal interaction we had on tour with Chami and Raji (owners of Ayu in the Wild) was an ‘amazing’ opportunity for us as a family, gaining real insight into the country, it’s history, traditions, culture and most importantly it’s people. Both Raji and Chami had a great way of interacting with the kids – treating them as intelligent people and capturing their personal interests. Bearing in mind the personalities of the boys, their interests and the dynamics in our family – what we were looking for as a family friendly holiday in sri lanka, this trip had it in everyway! We all absolutely loved the camping and Tree House experience  The tour was very flexible as you readjusted everything to suite our timings and your suggestions were spot on! So many highlights…the sea plane transfer to Kandy, rolling out from the bed to the beach in Paasikudah, the variety of offbeat accommodation.. luxury juxtaposed with rustic, visting the stupas in Anuradhapura at night, the safari experience with 3 Sloth Bear, Leopard, Monkeys etc.  It is the whole package which was amazing.

Mark Rubinstien, Judith Vandervelde & kids (10 & 13 yrs) – London, UK

Breakfast on the sand dunes, lunch on the river bed, Leopards on day 1 and huge herds of Asian Elephants on our final day! We loved the sunset tour of Anuradhapura. It was magical. The food at the Eco Lodge was great and so was the nature walk with insights into medicinal plants. Fantastic bungalow up in Kandy. The incredible hard work put in by Chami and Raji (the owners of Ayu in the Wild) behind the scenes, really showed. Wish Ayu in the Wild the success that you deserve.

Beverley Eldridge & Susan Kyne – Melbourne, Australia

Thank you for organizing the trip at such short notice. It was wonderful the way you paced out the wildlife safaris with the little ‘experiences’ like the walking tours through the ancient Stupas and to see how the Rice Farmer protects his field from wild Elephants! And the luxury of the Hotel in Anuradhapura!…such indulgence so far away from everything. Thank you for organizing the walk through their organic gardens, and the delicious meal in the little woody area under the stars. This was certainly one of the highlights of our safari as was the encounter with the Leopard and large Sambur in Wilpattu and the open shower at the first Eco Lodge. Wish we had time to explore the wildlife in the North and also see the Whales as you suggested but..lets keep it for next time.

Isabella Boullud & family, USA

We had a nice trip. The Guide was very knowledgeable about birds and animals but the kids found it a bit difficult to understand …and they were a bit hesitant when first meeting him but thats normal. I would recommend a more direct approach from the very beginning. Also be good to have some alternative small adventures.  We had a nice trip and definitely went to places we would otherwise not have gone to.

Sara Viskum & family (kids 10 and 6 yrs) – Denmark

The girls loved the (Junior Rangers) certificates – very good idea, thank you… They loved it when the Rangers got their look up books out – suggest, focusing on insects, trees and flowers even more.  If you live in the UK and are coming to SL any wildlife is a novelty! Visit to Popham’s Arboretum – we loved this!  Wish you could have arranged an evening walk to look for the Loris…Our interaction with village children on the bullock cart ride in Sigirya was heartwarming as they were truly intrigued by my two kids and vice versa – I realize this can turn into begging but it didn’t feel close to being like that when we went.  There was a very mutual appreciation. 

Everyone thought I was totally mad to take such young kids to SL – but it’s so safe, so clean and so reliable that they are totally wrong – it’s so developed and accessible for families (in fact when I came back to London I realized 2 things – SL has no litter and I had more beggars in one day than I did in 17 days in SL when I went back to work), food hygiene is very high…

The girls loved going in the open sided jeep from the hotel to the Wilpattu NP. We got to ‘smell’ Sri Lanka – and that’s something I had never experience before…. The smell of chena burn back, the smell of corn being cooked by the side of the road, the sound of cicadas and big lorries and hearing the paddy rice harvester – which you don’t get in an air con car. I personally found it thrilling.  And travelling back at night open air was amazing for the girls. Best to inform Guests staying at the Eco Lodge in Sigiriya with kids to take all the soft drinks, snacks etc with you and that’s totally fine with the people running it.

The care and commitment you gave to making the holiday work for us was exceptional…The Chauffeurs knowledge and ‘presence’ made a vast difference to our holiday. This was the best summer holiday ever and has been the talk of the girls’ school – I’m hoping you branch out to Africa soon so you can organize more for us there.

Emma Scott & kids (8 & 7 yrs) – London, UK

Vivian’s Blog

I took more than 300 pictures….. The country has an incredible diverse eco-system. The first night we went on a night the sun was setting, we noticed farmers walking/biking to huts in the middle of lush rice keep all-night vigils. The elephants live close…. 

Our first afternoon in Wilpattu National Park…..Crested Serpent Eagle. Beautiful, colorful Bee Eater. A herd of Spotted Deer. Adolescent Brahminy..A Sloth Bear!.

We then checked into a hidden eco-lodge. It was fabulous. Our room including the bathroom and the dining area was open to the outside. In the afternoon we traveled to Kaudulla National Park and found elephants-up close and personal. They are NOT afraid of people. The elephant came out of the brush right in front…

Vivian & Allen Lord, North Carolina, USA

The Eco Lodge and the personalized service of the Naturalist ……..and taking a shower in the open air – delightful!! They prepared delicious morning fresh juices and went out of their way to make a celebratory birthday dinner for me. The naturalist spent time with me walking up the road  pointing out trees , butterflies and other creatures. He is a lovely man very knowledgeable and generous. 

Meeting the jungle-farming family was an eye opening experience . The dedication of a family to live off the land and be self sufficient is what many of us aspire to. Of course this is without the danger of the elephant ruining our work ! They  are  proud of their situation and more than willing to share that with visitors.

The boat safari to see water birds.  I loved that trip . I admired the ingenuity of the boatman –outfitting  his simple boat in such a way that he could make a living doing bird safaris. it was so quiet and  peaceful. For me the reflection of light on the water lily pads  was the most beautiful..thanks for all your help in making this a memorable trip. I really appreciated your answering some of my needs like meeting artisans and artists. It was important for me to have those personal interactions….

D. Kempler – Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, USA