Tipping Guide in Sri Lanka



Local currency is Sri Lanka Rupees (LKR).



Currency, Credit Cards and ATMs

  • You can bring Dollars, Pounds and Euros which are widely accepted but rates will vary across different cities and Banks for currency conversions.

  • It is advisable to change to local currency at the airport for best exchange rates.

  • It's always best to change to smaller denominations of Rupees 100, 500 and 1000 notes to keep with you on tour to pay for extra meals and tips, if you don't wish to use Credit Cards

  • Keep sufficient cash-securely, as credit cards may not be accepted at some Eco Lodges but are accepted at all major Hotels.

  • ATMs are available at major cities.


Tipping Guide

  • Giving Gratuities and tips is an accepted practice in Sri Lanka. Many Sri Lankans will make this holiday special for you. They may speak faulty English but if you think they have done their best for you, please be as generous as you wish at the end of the day.

  • General Tipping Guide: An average to good range of tipping is between US$10 - 20 per day per person. However, for family tours or group tours of over 2 pax please use your discretion in arriving at a suitable tip per group or per family which can fall within or outside the above range in total.

  • For Housekeeping an average of Rs. 100 per day and at Restaurants a 10% service fee is acceptable. Locals will gladly accept your generosity but tipping is entirely at your discretion.

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Harriet Hoult