What To Pack For Sri Lanka?



You need to pack for all seasons and reasons.



What to wear?

  • Cotton clothing is best but be prepared for cooler mornings and evenings than what you would expect in a tropical country.

  • A shawl or zip up jacket would be comfortable especially if traveling to the Central Highlands or taking a train ride through the Hill Country (Ella, Nuwera Eliya, Hatton).

  • White, although cooling during humid days is not appropriate jungle-wear on safari as it is conspicuous when out in nature.

  • Cotton light-weight clothing and a hat with a wide brim in browns, greens or khaki would be more appropriate.

  • Long sleeved clothing/shawls are great to avoid mosquitoes and to cover up during cooler nights and when visiting cultural sites.

  • Wear long pants comfortable closed shoes/trainers on walks.

  • Please cover your arms and legs when visiting religious sites and temples and remove shoes when directed to do so.



Avoid Single-Use Plastics

Ayu in the Wild is making every attempt to minimize single-use plastics on our tours. Please bring your own reusable bottles or we could supply you with one from our stocks. Your re-usable bottle will be filled with 1 litre of water per day.



Luggage Size

If traveling on a Scenic or Photography Flight on a Light Aircraft or Helicopter, strict weight restrictions will apply to baggage allowed on board. Please check with us on baggage restrictions before you confirm your tour.


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Harriet Hoult