“Our holidays are about sharing with you some wonderful experiences that have inspired us during our travels. Experiences of a land coloured by roots that go 2500 years deep. A beautiful biodiversity hotspot. To us, its home.” Chamintha & Rajindra Jayasinghe
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Why Ayu in the Wild

Owner-run Company

An owner-run company. Great bespoke service. Amazing experiences
Ayu in the Wild are specialists in organizing complete bespoke experiential tours and personally crafted immersive travel experiences in Sri Lanka. Our story was inspired by Rajindra and Chamintha Jayasinghe, a widely traveled husband and wife duo who are destination experts on Sri Lanka. For nearly two decades they balanced their careers in law and finance with their love of the outdoors and offbeat. Out of their incredible travels both here in Sri Lanka and across Africa, evolved our special brand of bespoke experiential holidays. A collection of experiential tours that are immersive. Our owners are the main ‘Private Travel Designers’ of the company and they travel each month to the remotest corners of Sri Lanka in search of unusual local experiences, luxury getaways and unique places to stay in Sri Lanka. Through their personal travels, they have connected with a wide network of local contacts that we now call ‘our team’. Crafting your holiday is about bringing together their expert destination advice on where to go and when, the best boutique villas, the most intimate eco lodges and whether to travel by jeep, foot, boat, rail or air. Do take a moment to read what our guests say about our services which include;
  • Tailor-making tours
  • Booking hotel accommodation
  • Arranging the best guides to host cultural excursions and unique local experiences
  • Organizing wildlife safaris with guides who give insights into animal behaviour
  • Booking local travel: Flights, Luxury railway journeys, Cycle tours, Cruises on yachts
  • Meet, greet and drop off at Airport
  • Arranging transport for your tour in cars, vans, SUVs, mini coaches or large coaches driven by Chauffeurs fluent in English who count years of experience in the tourism industry.
When your holiday is designed by people who wake with the dawn and head out to look for journeys that our guests wouldn’t find by themselves, it can be so different to any other tailor-made tour of Sri Lanka. And that’s what makes us a Destination Management Company that can add a dash of ‘oomph’ to your holiday in Sri Lanka. Who we are - Owners Who we are - Owners

Giving back

100% of what you spend on an Ayu in the Wild holiday stays right here in Sri Lanka. We want grassroot communities in Sri Lanka to be involved with Ayu in the Wild Holidays. We love to promote accommodation owned and managed by Sri Lankans who blend the right mix of luxury and comfort with vernacular architecture in their eco lodges. Creating Classrooms in the Wild is something we are passionate about and we reach out to rural schools to facilitate better education for children from marginalised communities Read More

Experiences hosted by locals

The best local experiences in Sri Lanka guided by true locals who know their country best.
When you travel with Ayu in the Wild, you see Sri Lanka through the eyes of the locals. Not through the eyes of one chauffeur-guide or a non-local host. The team that leads each experiential activity comes from all walks of life. Some are bohemian professionals, some are farmers, then there are Poets, community based village guides, wildlife photographers, fitness experts and the list goes on. Because we believe that to experience is to engage. To immerse and to feel you are deeply involved. When landscapes leave you in awe but your best memories are of the people. People who give you insider access. And that’s why each Ayu in the Wild holiday experience is hosted by a true Sri Lankan on the ground. Because the people you meet, make a holiday that much more special. Each Sri Lankan host will translate the language, give an inside look into the culture, create some fun moments or give you space when you want to be left alone.
Why are you in the wild - experiences hosted by locals Why are you in the wild - experiences hosted by locals
  • The Mud House and Tree House experience in Sri Lanka
  • Sri Lanka through it’s Art, Drumming and Dance
  • Sri Lanka Bushwalks on centuries old animal corridors
  • Colombo City Walk – see the ‘Everyday Lives of Everyday Sri Lankans’
  • Culinary creations – a food safari and day excursion in cosmopolitan Colombo Sri Lanka
  • Sri Lankan Exquisite Estates – a food tour across some beautiful outdoor venues in Sri Lanka
  • Cook like the locals in Sri Lanka – a food and cooking tour across wild landscapes in Sri Lanka

Ayu in the Wild Holidays Sri Lanka is owned and operated by Wild Island Safaris Pvt Ltd and is registered as a private limited liability company in Sri Lanka. Registration No. 90061.

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Bespoke experiential holidays that make the inner you connect with outdoor Sri Lanka.