Chamintha and Rajindra Jayasinghe

Founders and Chief Explorers
Ayu in the Wild Holidays and Africa by Ayu

Bespoke Travel Designers who are proudly 100% Sri Lankan

Born, bred and lived in Sri Lanka – all our lives! For nearly two decades we balanced our careers in law and finance with our love of the outdoors and offbeat both here in Sri Lanka, across Africa, in Europe and in the Southern Hemisphere. This inspired our special brand of bespoke experiential holidays in Sri Lanka -completely local, but with those discernible professional touches loved by the global traveler. Since our launch in 2012 we still remain the Chief Explorers and main Private Travel Designers of the company and love to meet our guests personally, when we can. In July 2018, we launched our first outbound arm Africa by Ayu – tailor made holidays to 11 African destinations.

Quick response time

Our ethos is to always remain a small family-run company, where each person in our small team of staff are in-the-know about every tour and each enquiry. We offer 24 hour operational support while you are on tour.

We are your Little Black Book

Living in Sri Lanka, we have the luxury to travel around regularly. Something we loved doing for over a decade before we even dreamt of starting Ayu in the Wild. Now we travel to find and personally curate unusual experiences in remote corners of Sri Lanka; to remove wheat from the chaff by checking out the newest hotels (someone’s got to do it); trial new routes; and to train our Guides.

We have access

Our policy of working with local communities often open doors to unique local experiences that others don’t even know exist.

Guides, Naturalists and local hosts

Your best memories will be the people you meet on an Ayu in the Wild holiday.

  • We do not use non-local guides/hosts.
  • Our Naturalists/Guides are trained using an African guiding model to make each outdoor and wildlife experience, insightful and inspiring.
  • We handpicked a few people we met through our travels and co-opted them into our ‘team of local hosts’. They make each experience curated into your tour more meaningful.
  • The hosts come from all walks of life. Some are bohemian professionals, others are farmers, Poets, community-based village guides, former teachers, wildlife photographers, village headmen and the list goes on.
  • Our drivers are not chauffeur-guides as we believe meeting many community based guides will help you see Sri Lanka through the eyes of the locals.

Accredited and Insured

AYU IN THE WILD HOLIDAYS is owned and operated by WILD ISLAND SAFARIS (PVT) LTD – a registered Travel Agency with the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA). Our operations are insured under a Tour Operators Commercial General Liability Policy. Wild Island Safaris (Pvt) Ltd also owns and operates Africa by Ayu – Sri Lanka’s only Specialist Africa Tour Operator.

We love to innovate

To us luxury is not just about a 5 star hotel, it’s in the experience.

Our inspiration comes not only from our own travels – it’s the books we read, the documentaries we watch, people we reach out to from the world of responsible travel, an idea given by a local farmer, taking guided immersive tours in Europe, going on walking safaris in Africa, having dinner with our Guides. Innovation makes us tick!

Bespoke. Unique. Life enriching experience.

Our itineraries will make you travel deeper in Sri Lanka. Each itinerary is curated based on your interests, budget, how young you are and our ‘feel’ of what type of travel makes you tick.

When your holiday is designed by people who love the challenge of curating local immersive experiences that our guests wouldn’t find by themselves, it can be so different to any other tailor-made tour of Sri Lanka. And that’s what makes us a Destination Management Company that can add a dash of ‘oomph’ to your bespoke holiday in Sri Lanka.

Giving back 100% to Sri Lanka

100% of what you pay stays right here in Sri Lanka. Read more about our ethos of including Eco Lodges into our itineraries, getting grassroot communities involved and our outreach project Classrooms in the Wild

Getting the essentials right:

Vehicles and best mix of accommodation

Our transfer vehicles are fully insured, comfortable and include a fleet of cars, vans, SUVs and coaches. Our safari vehicles are great for photography. We ensure the drivers respect rules inside National Parks, on our roads and that safety of our guests stays paramount

Special stay-pay offers and seasonal rates secured from the best hotels and villas in Sri Lanka, make our itineraries value for money.

Objective hotel recommendations

Ayu in the Wild is not affiliated to any particular group of hotels so we can make unbiased recommendations choosing the most appropriate from among the best, the newest or the ones with great stay-pay offers to suite each guest.

See what others say about us

Guest Reviews

We request that our guests leave their review on our Facebook page, so you could independently ascertain that these are genuine guest reviews from travelers across many parts of the world. Don’t take our word for it, just take a moment to read these reviews linked onto our website.

We would love to share some wonderful personal experiences in this beautiful biodiversity hotspot coloured by roots that go thousands of years deep. To us, its home.

Warm regards,

Chamintha and Rajindra Jayasinghe

Founders and Chief Explorers

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