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The Best Beaches of Sri Lanka need your help – the “Plastic Footprint” movement!

If you could avoid using 40 plastic water bottles on a 10-day tour of Sri Lanka, would you?


In 2018, we made a conscious effort to reduce the amount of plastics used on our tours – part of our big plans to become one of Sri Lanka’s most responsible tour operator! (We think it’s a big step made in the right direction and worth shouting about, so do bear with us).

Think reusable bottles!


We now request our guests to bring their own reusable water bottles or supply them one, from our own stocks. So if you are booking your Sri Lanka Itinerary with Ayu in the Wild, please do remember to pack one reusable water bottle per person.

If plastic is not disposed responsibly and recycled, the 103 rivers that flow across our beautiful island carries it all onto the Instagram worthy beaches of Sri Lanka.

Reusable bottles can make a difference….

Booked your tour to Sri Lanka? Here’s how you can help save our beaches


Will you help save hundreds of species harmed by ocean plastic and be a champion for the plastic footprint movement?



Contact Email: or whatsapp us on +94 777 248 1100

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