Why Choose Ayu In The Wild Sri Lanka?



Owner run DMC in Sri Lanka

Locals know their country best. Wouldn’t you agree?

Each experience we design into our customised tours has been curated personally by the owners of Ayu in the Wild who work with locals to help them become knowledgeable hosts. Born, bred and living in Sri Lanka – the founders of Ayu in the Wild, Chamintha and Rajindra, have explored a myriad routes and stylish properties across the island. Each bespoke trip is personally hand crafted with their inspiring insights, independent of any affiliations to particular properties. No two journeys we design are the same.



Sri Lanka through the eyes of many locals

Although an excellent driver navigates our roads and makes your bespoke tour even more special, you will enjoy insightful interpretations of the best locations across the island through community based guides. Exploring Sri Lanka through many local eyes and not through the eyes of one chauffeur-guide or a non-local host.


Inspiring Locals Creating Unforgettable Moments


We provide insider access to local experiences in Sri Lanka led by some of the most interesting local people you will ever meet! Hosts for our experiences come from all walks of life. Some are bohemian professionals, some are farmers, then there are Poets, natural history experts, chefs and hoteliers, wildlife photographers, fitness experts and the list goes on. Each local, committed to making your holiday engaging, meaningful and unforgettable.



Ceylon Concierge by Ayu

With our personal contacts to Sri Lanka’s top experts we make extraordinary exclusive experiences possible for those who need extra indulgence. Whether it’s a private charter flight, exclusive whale watching from the skies or on a Yacht guided by a famed author on marine mammals or a marine biologist, VIP fast-tracking at the Airport or a magical gourmet experience accompanied by Ceylon’s acclaimed musicians and a private chef on-board a luxury train. Nothing is too much trouble.



We believe, the people you meet, make a holiday that much more special.


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Harriet Hoult